IT Consulting

PC Link Professionals’ consulting core strength is advising businesses on the best strategies to get the most out of their IT infrastructure to further enhance their business processes. We pride ourselves on offering unbiased advice and strategies to suit your business needs and budget.

Throughout our many years of consulting to businesses we have been presented with all types of scenarios faced by small to medium businesses. Most common are:

  • Over utilised infrastructure that impairs business growth

  • Under utilised computer systems

  • Poorly planned IT infrastructure

  • Misconfiguration of IT systems

As we act as an independent and most of all external entity to the business, we are able to assess and recommend a path for improvement so as the IT infrastructure is working in line with the strategy and goals of the business. Whether you are a small business of 5 people or an enterprise of 100, the needs of the business are much the same, it is only the magnitude that is different!
Some of our recent work has involved:

  • Network Analysis

  • Implementation of a stronger network security backbone

  • Analysis of the data management

  • Streamlining the data backup procedures

  • Implementation of spam and virus protection systems

  • Implementation of Email Server

  • Network Strategy

  • Security Assessments

  • Remote Offices using Terminal Services

  • Cost Analysis

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