VoIP Solutions

PC Link offers reliable business grade voip solutions for small to medium businesses. VoIP can be used through a normal phone or integrate with your phone system.

About PC Link’s VoIP Phone Service & Benefits

Using PC Link VoIP solution is easy; you can use your normal telephone handset\system to call anywhere in the world just like you normally would!

Some of the benefits are;

What is VoIP?

VoIP is a new generation telephone service which allows users make business grade phone calls over a broadband internet connection to save money. Calls made using VoIP are significantly cheaper than calls made using a standard landline service like Telstra or Optus; VoIP users can expect to save to 60%+ off their normal landline telephone bill.

All you need to do is plug the VoIP phone adaptor between a normal telephone and broadband modem and you can make calls the same as you normally would, plus the savings of course!

If you have a PAPX phone system, we can integrate to your existing phone system.

VoIP technology has dramatically advanced over the past 18 month and no difference when compared to a standard landline service.

How VoIP saves you money

How much does it cost to implement

Implementing a PC Link VoIP Solution depends on some factors;

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