VoIP Solutions

PC Link offers reliable business grade voip solutions for small to medium businesses. VoIP can be used through a normal phone or integrate with your phone system.

About PC Link’s VoIP Phone Service & Benefits

Using PC Link VoIP solution is easy; you can use your normal telephone handset\system to call anywhere in the world just like you normally would!

Some of the benefits are;

  • Convenient pre-paid service, no paper work, no lock-in contracts
  • Monthly tax invoice delivered via email
  • Real-time accounts web portal
  • Untimed calls to any landline Australia wide
  • Local technical support
  • No Minimum call spend
  • 30 days Satisfaction money-back guarantee
  • Free Consultation and bill analysis
  • Free trial

What is VoIP?

VoIP is a new generation telephone service which allows users make business grade phone calls over a broadband internet connection to save money. Calls made using VoIP are significantly cheaper than calls made using a standard landline service like Telstra or Optus; VoIP users can expect to save to 60%+ off their normal landline telephone bill.

All you need to do is plug the VoIP phone adaptor between a normal telephone and broadband modem and you can make calls the same as you normally would, plus the savings of course!

If you have a PAPX phone system, we can integrate to your existing phone system.

VoIP technology has dramatically advanced over the past 18 month and no difference when compared to a standard landline service.

How VoIP saves you money

  • Eliminating STD and long distance call rates - call anywhere in Australia from 12c untimed
  • Cut cost on mobile calls – Call any mobile for 25c per minute (per second billing)
  • Delivering significantly lower call rates for international calls - call the UK and China for only 1.9c per min
  • Eliminating call connection and flagfall fees \ connection fees on all call types
  • Delivering premium call features free of charge including call waiting, caller id presentation, voicemail box and call hold/call forward etc.
  • Reduce line rental fees (typical saving of $29.95 - $39.95 per month per line for each landline)
  • Cut cost by reducing the number of landlines you have, and replace with VoIP where staff will use VoIP to make all their outgoing calls and leave the landlines for incoming calls

How much does it cost to implement

Implementing a PC Link VoIP Solution depends on some factors;

  • Standalone or integrate with an existing phone system (PAPX)
  • Number of lines (Landline and VoIP) you require
  • Cabling if required (usually not required)

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