Wireless Hotspots

We offer a Wireless Hotspots (Wifi) to public venue locations such as hotels, motels, café, restaurants and marinas so that your customers can pay via credit card or prepaid to access the internet.

How does it work?
   1. Our technician will do a short site survey with high tech wireless monitoring\measuring device to identify the best location\equipment to mount our internet connected antenna(s).
   2. Guests who travel with their own laptops & mobile devices are able to connect to this signal.
   3. Upon first connection to a PC Link Wireless hotspot users are automatically redirected to simple login page where they are required to use a pre-paid card (that they purchase from you) or online payment by credit card. Once a user has created a PC Link Wireless hotspot account they are free to access the internet.

How Flexible is PC Link’s Wireless hotspot solution?
We offer the most flexible wireless solution to meet your needs. Contact us to recommend the best solution for your environment.
You have the choice to purchase the equipment outright or Free installation with ongoing commission

The benefits to your business.
Generate an additional revenue stream through the sale of Internet to your guest.

    * If you are in the accommodation business, you can say YES to “do you have wireless internet  access?”
    * No cost to you for hardware or installation (subject to approval)
    * We provide an intensive step-by-step guide with screen prints on how to troubleshoot guest in case required. Also our help desk on 1300 500 400 is available if required.
    * We can accommodate for your needs
    * Competitive internet rates. Our prices are adjusted according to your needs and competition from nearby hotels. We will find the rates from hotels, internet café and make recommendations based on our findings which we are happy to discuss with you
    * We are also able to provide advertising by displaying images of your choice on the login page and promotions.  This means that every person in the local area that connects will see the promotions you are running.
    * Another benefit to your Businesses is to reduce staff time dealing with guest, by creating custom information pages that include maps of your area, local attractions, bus and train timetable, movies, weather, what on, etc.

Where to Next!

Our consultants are ready to discus your requirement. Call us on 1300 500 400