Home Automation


We offer the best, simplest and best value for money complete home autamation system.

How does it work?
PC Link Home Automation system uses a combination of  wireless & Infra-red devices that allow you to control your Foxtel, Home Theatre, Music, TVi’s, Lighting, Security, Blinds and much more. Once the PC Link Home Automation been installed by one of our professional technicians, you will able to control anything you want in your home or business wirelessely on your Android, iPhone or iPad devices without running any cabling.

The PC Link Home Automation works by having an IR emitting device that sits next to your Home Theatre that is controlled through your network. Once your install the PC Link Home Automation app, you will be able to send a signal from your Andriod iPhone or iPad to your wireless network and then from your network to your IR emitting device that was installed to the device that you want to control.

How Flexible is PC Link’s Home Automation solution?
We offer the most affordable, flexible wireless solution to meet your needs. Currently we can offer the system to control your entertainement, but its feature proof.

The benefits to you.


  • No cabling required - use a match box wireless device with IR emmitters to connect devices you wish to control.
  • Remove all remote controls at your home and replace it with your smart phoe or tablet.
  • Extremely affordable - under $900 for complete control over your entertainement devices
  • Future proof - connect your washing machine, blinds, irrigation, lighting and much more
  • Share Foxtel among differnt rooms without having a seperate box

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