Onsite Computer Repairs

On-Site Service & Repair
No need to dismantle your computer and lugging it to a repair shop anymore. Our expert engineers will come to your home and solve all your computer trouble in a time that suits you. We offer same day service, weekend and after hour service for your convenience – no extra charge

Phone & Remote Support
Do you have an urgent problem that can’t wait for a service agent to attend on-site. No problems, call us and we will help you over the phone and with your permission we can log-on remotely onto your PC to fix most problems in no time. If all options fail, we will send an emergency engineer within 2-4 hours to assist you.

Virus/Spyware/Spam Detection, Removal & Preventation
Is your computer running slow or just misbehaving? Do you get those annoying pop-us all the time?
Do you get emails asking you to purchase Viagra?
Viruses and security threats are far more powerful and sinister today than at any other time in computing history. Today, there are thousands of viruses/spyware circulating capable of recording and transmitting your sensitive data such as Bank accounts, personal information, credit cards etc…

Our expert engineers are trained and resourced to deliver complete virus prevention solutions as well as detection and disinfection services. We will also educate you on how to identity those threats

Wireless Networks
Wireless is the way to go. Our expert engineers will help you to share your existing internet connection amongst multiple computers as well as share files and printers without all the messy wiring.
We will configure and encrypt your wireless network to help keep it secure from intruders. Home/Business Solutions
Are you running your business from home? – We have noticed the increase in number of home businesses and we are aware of the general requirements.
Talk to us for a complete solution. We will assist in sharing your internet connection, files and printers, protect your computers from viruses, restrict access to your work files and recommend a simple but reliable backup solution for your home office

Is your computer struggling to keep up with you? Or perhaps it doesn't have enough space?
By upgrading key components, we can make your computer as good as new! Stop putting up with your PC’s poor performance, call us now and let us bring the joy back into your computing!

Computer Crashes
Call us and we will fix all your computer problems. Computer freezing is usually caused by software corruption and/or hardware malfunction. Rely on us to diagnose and fix the problem. We offer fixed rates for software & hardware troubleshooting.Firewalls & Internet Security
Is your computer secure? With the massive growth of the Internet, Internet security has become extremely important. One of the safest ways to safeguard your PC is with a firewall, which helps prevent hackers from accessing your PC and stealing or destroying your personal data.  Count on us to help you protect your PC.

Data Backup & Recovery
How valuable is your data? In our experience, data backup is too often overlooked by users until they have a bad experience with data loss. We can help you backup your data safely and easily. We can even show you how to automate your backups so you’re never caught out again. In addition to backup assistance, we can also assist in attempting to recover lost data.

Preventative Maintenance
Your computer is no different from your car – it needs preventative maintenance.  Simple preventative maintenance can keep your computer performing at its best. Call us today and we will organize an dedicated engineer to visit you regularly – no contract required

Personalised Training
Is there something you would like to do with your computer but are simply not sure how to do it?  Why not consider individual instruction from our certified technicians. Whether it's learning how to use a new program, or how to configure your new digital camera with your computer, or any other training need - we can help! Give us a call to discuss your needs.